The Base Price is really important as it is the starting point for our price calculation. Think of it as the average price for your reference room for the year. 

We’ll go above it during periods of high demand and below it during periods of low demand. Setting the correct Base Price for your property is  key to maximizing revenue. Once the right Base Price is set, we can appropriately apply our intelligent pricing algorithm.

The recommended prices will more or less scale with the Base Price (before maximums/minimums are applied). Thus, if you have a Base Price of $200, your prices would be around twice as high as if you have a Base Price of $100.

How to:

  1.  Go to Room Type Setup 
  2.  Click on Edit next to the Reference Room
  3.  Set your desired Base Price
  4.  Press Save

After changing your Base Price you should go back to the pricing calendar and click on Run Pricing. Your recent changes will be shown after the prices are recalculated based on the newest framework. Thereafter we recommend that you take look at the pricing graph and evaluate the new price level.

Base Price is set in the Room Type Setup