Auto-upload will not stop you from being in control. You can always change prices and overrule the system’s suggested prices.

Check out the following post to understand how to do so: How do I change prices?

Our aim is to provide a complete pricing solution. We have some clients who just set up and leave us to it, and that is fine. But there are limitations and blind spots to all algorithms (also all revenue managers). Hopefully you know by now how our software works. We hope that you will be able to add your insight to ours to get the maximum revenue for your hotel.

The combination of human and machine is a very strong one. By combining your knowledge of your hotel with our number-crunching, you can achieve maximum results. We would ideally like you to log in every now and again, and look at the prices. See if you are happy that we are doing what you want us to – if not, make adjustments. Also we would suggest that you look at the Occupancy View calendar and Health Score. These would alert you early to potential problems.

The time period can be set for activating the auto-upload