With RoomPriceGenie you have two options for setting rates: you can either price your reference room only and we send this information to your PMS or Channel Manager. Or you can set prices for all room types within RoomPriceGenie. What is best for you depends on your current room type setup in your PMS or CM as well as your personal preferences.

Reference room pricing

This means that we will only price your reference room and only send prices for the reference room to your PMS/CM. We recommend this setting if your different room types are already derived from each other in your PMS/CM. Please be aware that you still need to setup all room types in RoomPriceGenie. We need them to receive the correct room availabilities.

In case you do derive your room type categories in your PMS/CM already, make sure to enable the function Price Reference Room Only in Room Type Setup.

Function displayed where to tick the box for pricing only the reference room

All room pricing

If you have individual rates for all of your room types in your PMS/CM, you should go for all room pricing. This means we update the rates for all room types individually. It also allows you to take more control. You can change the derivation amount depending on the season or depending on the day of the week. This is great for all the strategists amongst you who love to test new things.

With the more advanced plans by RoomPriceGenie, you can have the RoomPriceGenie algorithm yield your room types individually. For example, if your double room types are selling more quickly than your single room types, our algorithm would increase the prices for the double room types, and drop the prices for your single room types. For further information please contact us