We give you four options for viewing your property. These are:

  • Price View

  • Occupancy View

  • Adjustment View

  • Chart View

Each view serves a different purpose and we will explain the different options below.

Price View

This view lets you see all your prices for a whole month at a glance. For each day, you can see our price suggestion and your overall property occupancy. In case you did not active the auto-upload, it also shows the current price set in your PMS or CM.

To learn more about what is happening on each day, you can click on any date and a pop-up window will open up. For a deeper understanding of how we come up with the prices we give you, click here.

The price view shows the price suggestion and occupancy for every single day of the month

Occupancy View

This view is similar to the Price View but focuses on your occupancy instead. It helps you to understand your occupancy performance better and you can get a great overview of busy and quiet times. It is colour-coded to make it easier to read. How to interpret the colours:

  • Blue: You are ahead of schedule and get a lot of bookings in for these days. The price will already be higher.

  • Yellow: It is more quiet on those days and the system is decreasing prices to catch up on bookings.

We are looking at this too and adapt prices for you. In particular, the upcoming 3 months are closely monitored to make sure you are not over or underpricing for the whole period. For further information click here.

The occupancy view gives an overview over your performance for every single day of the month

Adjustment View

It can be difficult to keep track of adjustments that you have set to prices or derivations between rooms. The adjustment view puts all changes in one place and enables you to bulk-edit them. If you use the bulk-update buttons, you can update multiple days at a time.

For example, all Saturdays in summer, with just one update. As with every individual day, you have different bulk update options:

  • Bulk Min/Max: change the boundaries for the price calculations

  • Bulk Fix: apply a fixed price to a day or a certain time period

  • Bulk Adjust: apply a %-adjustment to increase/decrease prices for a certain period

  • Bulk Skip: skip days so RoomPriceGenie does not do any pricing calculations for them

Further, by clicking on the blue-marked percentages next to the month or weekdays, you have an overview of all your adjustments made for each month or weekday.

The adjustment view gives an overview of all your individual adjustments made

Chart View

This graph will give you an overview of the whole year as well as individual months of pricing. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of view; the ups and downs are your prices going up and down, and the left to right is the time from today into the future. This view is good for getting an idea of overall prices, and also for noting stand-out dates with high or low prices. You can hover over dates on the chart to see more details and can click on dates to get a pop-up to do further investigation.

The chart view gives an overview of the pricing for the whole year