The health score is a great way to help you understand if you are on track for individual month. A full 100% score means that you are exactly on course for the month and doing extremely well; you are not charging too much or too little.

A lower score means you are not on target – you are either too full (meaning you may be charging too little) or not full enough (meaning you may be charging too much). We fix this for you using our auto-correction algorithm. So if you have been too cheap we will raise prices to reflect that. But it is still good to be aware of it.

The Health Score gives an indication of your overall performace for the next three month

How to:

Hover over the Health Score with your mouse.

The blue window gives more information about the health score

The blue window gives more information about the health score

Be aware that this health score has some limitations under special circumstances: 

One of them is that we look at your remaining rooms. If you have a lot of rooms closed out, we will think you have sold them and overestimate your sales. Another is that it depends on the target occupancy. Maybe off-season you have no expectation of being more than 50% full. In which case we will give a score that is too low.

You can set the target occupancy on the Room Settings page. This will then influence your health score.

The target occupancy can be set under the Room Type Setup