Kounta POS Connection Instructions 


Kounta was founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. In 2012, the company launched its flagship product, Kounta, a hospitality-focused point of sale (POS) mobile app for iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The Kounta POS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that runs as an application in web browsers as well as natively on iOS and Android operating systems. It can also run in a wide variety of peripherals including receipt printers, remote displays, and cash drawers. Through Web Cache and IndexedDB, Kounta can be used in both on and offline modes. The application allows automated inventory management, purchase ordering, customer relationship management (CRM), multiple location support, employee monitoring, recipe creation for ingredient tracking, table layouts, reporting, and analytics; as well as managing customer orders, split bills, accounting, and rostering payroll applications.

Contact Details

Business Contact

Will Glover (willg@kounta.com) 

Technical Contact



www.kounta.com (Note: They have live chat support on their website)

Kounta Access Details

Main account for both production and test add-ons

Username: support@seekom.freshdesk.com

Password: 18@Allen


  • We can use the above account to create as many add-ons as we need, to access each add-on, we just need to point at the specific client and secret ids (This is set in iBex).

  • All the add-ons will be sharing the same settings in this Kounta main account

  • **Important**: DO NOT generate a new Client Secret in Kounta, otherwise this will break the connection

Enabling iBex Add-ons in Kounta

  1. The property will have to form a relationship with Kounta and get a POS account

  2. Login to Kounta Back Office from their website: www.kounta.com

  3. Click on Add-ons on the side menu

  4. Look for iBex/Seekom from the displayed Add-ons list 

  5. Select it and Enable iBex/Seekom

iBex Configuration Setup 

  1. Contact Seekom support and request to enable the PMS option Point of Sale Kounta 

  2. You should then see a new link of Point of Sale Kounta under Interfaces on the side menu in iBex

  3. You will be directed to a Kounta configuration/mapping page after clicking on the link

  4. Click on the button “Connect to Kounta”

  5. You will be prompt to login to Kounta to grant iBex access to your Kounta account

  6. Here is where you do the mapping of iBex properties against Kounta Sites (physical locations such outlets, office etc)

  7. You also need to map the Default Extra here to assign an extra for Kounta POS items/orders

  8. Then “Save” to complete the connection.

How to send Kounta POS order to iBex

  1. After the connection is completed, go to Back Office in Kounta

  2. Click on the button “POS” at the top right corner on the screen

  3. Select the active user you want to use in POS

  4. Enter the default PIN:1111 unless you change the PIN

  5. Click on the button “Add customer” around the top right corner

  6. Type the customer first and/or last name or email address whose iBex booking is either checking in today, checking out today or overstaying today ONLY

  7. Select iBex and choose the customer you search for

  8. Double checking the details of the customer and click Save to attach the order with this customer

  9. Create an order by selecting any products/items e.g. cleaning, breakfast, airport transfer etc

  10. Click on the orange button “Check Out”

  11. Select and click on button “Bill to iBex Booking” under Other payment types

  12. You will be prompted to enter iBex booking reference number in the Reference Number field

  13. Reference Number is required ONLY when there are multiple iBex bookings booked under the same customer name

  14. Leave it blank and click on the button “Confirm”

  15. Kounta will send a summary of the order to iBex with the amount of the order

  16. Click on “Print” or “No Thanks”(No receipt emailed) or “Send” (Receipt emailed) to complete the order (Nothing will be added to iBex booking until this is completed)

  17. Then Kounta will send the itemised list of items in the order which iBex will add to the booking.

Things to know about the integration

  • iBex only support and add Kounta POS orders as extras on booking level

  • iBex only supports “Bill to iBex Booking” under Other payment types at Kounta Check Out

  • Cash and Split Payment are under the Fast Cash Options processed in Kounta

  • iBex doesn’t support Split Payment

  • “Reference number” is required ONLY at Check Out when there are multiple bookings under the same customer name while processing a Kounta order

  • You can put in the iBex booking reference in the “Reference number” field in Kounta, however you will not need to when the customer you've selected only has one booking for the current date (this should be the case most of the time) iBex will be able to pick up the booking. However if not then Kounta will try ping iBex and you'll be given a message to enter the iBex booking reference

  • When doing the customer search in Kounta, it will only look at bookings: checking in today, checking out today or overstaying today ONLY

  • There is a schedule job runs every 2 hours to pick up any orders created via kounta which have not been processed for one reason or another and is awaiting to be attached to an iBex booking

Things to know about Kounta

  • Companies are businesses who use Kounta at their point of sale. A company may have one or more registers running Kounta on one or more sites

  • Registers are iPads or other computers running Kounta

  • Sites are physical locations such as outlets, offices etc at which one or more kountas will be used

  • Staff members are people who work for the authenticated company

  • Orders are also sometimes called sales or invoices

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