This area of iBex allows you to Set Up extras that will generate over to your Jobsheet. To conduct this, you would need to look up "New Extra " on your iBex Menu Bar, bringing up "Manage Extras " form. 

Firstly you would need to select the Category in which your Extra will be classed under. You can use an existing Category or create your own. (Click link to know more about creating categories


First part of the form you would need to apply the following;

TYPE: This would need to be Fixed Value 

NAME: Apply A name that is suitable or related to the extra you want in place eg Extra Bed

SHORT NAME : Short name for the Extra you are creating eg EXT BED

DESCRIPTION: If the extra is to be visible on  your Front Booking Screen , this area will generate for your customer to view. The description is optional and can be left blank. 

CHARGE METHOD:  This area is a selection in which you can choose what methods to charge the customer eg per person, per day etc

IN BOOKING ASSIGN EXTRA TO: You would want this extra to take into account the overall booking or Room Account 

MAX PER BOOKING: If you have a max against this extra , use this field to enter it . If no limit please leave this blank 

Using the tick box list, you would need to select " Show on Room Servicing Report" which will allow the Extra to appear on your Housekeeping List. 

Select the properties and User Group you would like this Extra to be valid for and Save. 

When you add the extra to your booking , it should display as follows:

Saving Extra to the booking

When you view the Jobsheet , the cart icon will be blue indicating the extra that an extra has been applied against the reservation. You can view the details by hovering over the cart (screenshot a) OR by printing the Jobsheet out (screenshot b)