The most comprehensive and important metric hoteliers depend on is RevPAR. Revenue per available room is similar to average daily rate, but you include your empty rooms into the calculation. You calculate RevPAR by dividing total room revenue by total rooms available. You can also calculate RevPAR by multiplying your ADR by the occupancy percentage.

RevPAR can predict how successfully your average rate is at filling available rooms and therefore provides a constructive view on how well your hotel is operating. 

How does this graph work?

  • Green Bars (Current RevPAR)

The green bars "Current RevPAR" shows your current Revenue Per Available Room for the current and forward months. 

It also shows your current revenue for the next 11 months in advance, as of today.

So assuming today is the 14th of April 2021, May is showing your current RevPAR for next month (this will likely increase as May approaches) whereas January is showing your current revenue for January 2022 (which will likely also increase over the next few months). 

  • Purple Bars (Revenue 1 - 12 Months Ago)

The purple bars "1 - 12 months ago" shows your Revenue Per Available Room for the previous 12 months, as of this date last year. So the purple for April is showing the calculated RevPAR for April 2020, as it was on the 14th of April 2020 (this date last year).

  • Blue Bars (Revenue 13 - 24 Months Ago)

The blue bars "13 - 24 months ago" will operate similarly to the purple, only another year back. 

So for example, the blue April in the graph above is looking at RevPAR for April 2019 as of the 14th of April 2019.

  • The lighter shades

The striped bars display the total RevPAR that was previously received for the whole month. 

So how am I tracking?

If RevPAR bars are displaying a higher amount than the revious year, then you are tracking very well. 

You are essentially earning more revenue or occupancy has increased compared to the previous year.

In the example below, today is the 14th of April 2021: 

In this example, RevPAR for March 2020 is ~ $130 (light blue bar). RevPAR for last month (March 2021 = grey bar)) was significantly higher as occupancy and ADR has increased.

Important Notes

  • RevPAR is calculating at an individual Property level, with the booking revenue and occupancy being based on the booking stay date. The report includes (Instant) Confirmed Bookings and Held Bookings.

  • The revenue will only include commission and discount extras, and is GST Inclusive.

  • Unit Types that are not enabled for the Occupancy & Revenue report, will also not display statistics on the Dashboard's ADR Report.